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About Us

SPI Founder Mr TSE Mang Fai is neither merely a retired school teacher/headmaster nor a businessman in his new career after retirement. A dreadful thought haunted his mind that most of the lovely children had to suffer from carrying too heavy a schoolbag in all their school days, without any chance to escape from it at all.

In 1995 he got the concept of a new schoolbag from the cooperation with the Chiropractic Association (CDAHK) and invented the first SPI Bag with an outstanding idea on Spinal Protection for children.

His non-stopped hardwork towards this idea did bring him a fruitful harvest – The Consumers Design Award. This honor fell into his hands from the Hong Kong Federation of Industries in 1999.

Just an awarded design is never a completed achievement of an expectation. Mr Tse while manufacturing his bags continued to improve their features until 2009, his product got a professional affirmation by receiving a license of The Hong Kong Safety Association. Consumers thus relieved themselves from the fear of using uncertified products that may harm the health of their youngsters.

The protection of child health, in particular the importance of protecting their spinals, has become a serious concern publicly.
Schools and media are conducting various activities to promote using proper school bags.

SPI always stand alert to support, being faithful to our motto: